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Get framed, baby and forget everything about that era when wearing eyeglasses was not quite socially acceptable. We are all obsessed with fabulous accesories and stylish frames and we all know how hard it is to find the right pair. Sometimes we tend to avoid that moment when we simply have to decide and go to a specialist to test our eyes and to get the eyeglasses we obviusly need (since we can hardly read or drive the car), but the big  news is that you can find all the answers in one place, Optiblu.

We understand all the fears and excuses, but it comes a moment in a woman’s life when you really wanna work on your laptop and actually distinguish the letters, when you wanna recognize people around you when you attend an event and when you simply wanna be relaxed and enjoy all the little details around you . And this is that special moment when you need a pair of eyeglasses.

What are the warning signs you might need glasses?
Consistently sitting too close to the TV or holding a book too close
Using a finger to follow along while reading
Tilting the head to see better
Frequent eye rubbing
Sensitivity to light
Excessive tearing
Closing one eye to read, watch TV to read or see better
Complaining of headaches or tired eyes

Any signs, ladies? If so, call the specialists from Optiblu, set an appointment, and reserve a full hour to this activity, because you will have to find the right pair of eyeglasses, to talk to the specialist and to test your eyes. We are sure you will look like a fabulous diva afterwards!



PS After an hour of trying every frame from Optiblu store, we found them! Stay tuned to find the final decision.


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