Ballerina Dreams

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Why push through life, when you can dance through it – this is what our parents used to tell us when we were just two little girls dreaming about unicorns and Prince Charming. Sometimes your childhood dreams are locked and blocked in a forbidden box, but when the right time comes, you decide to use the magic key and unleash your fantasy. This is what we did. We’ve always been dreaming of being two famous ballerinas, but since the destiny made some other plans for us, this daydream never happened till we found these powder pink dresses from LOULOU.

This is what we all should do. Take a break and make time for ourselves and for our dreams. We took an afternoon off, we turned off all the gadgets and we fooled around. And we definitely don’t feel sorry for that!

Since everything started form these two precious pink dresses from LOULOU we owe you more ‘explanations’.  As the designer says, LOULOU is a positive state of mind and a place where your sweetest dreams come to life, telling the story of the „ne-m’oubliez-pas” woman of our century. Every piece has been created as a work of art, symbolizing grace and perfection, and its role is to determine you to make a wish and make it happen!

So find the right dress and unleash your fantasy!

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