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It took a while, but we have decided. Always complaining about our schedule and never determined to say no to work and yes to our body. Yes, this is what we used to do. And in the same time this is what we started to do from last week. What exactly? Special treatments for our body. A friend advised us to try Michelle Anti-Ageing & Dental Clinic and since we’ve tested their magic Iyashi Dome procedure, we became addicted.

Whether you need a face treatment, a body procedure, a new hairstyle or a new manicure, Michelle Anti-Ageing & Dental Clinic is one of the best options. In the heart of Bucharest you can enjoy a full services experience and also test a full range of treatments.

You can chose from Arianna Machine – specialized in face and body treatments with oxygen, La Cremerie Marta – an innovation dedicated to skin hydration, Lumenis One/Aluma – an anti-ageing technique, Pressomassage Cerri – perfect for a body detox,  Celluwell Sonic – eliminates fat and cellulite, Shapetonic System RF -facilitates lymph and blood circulation and improves metabolism and activates skin cells, Spa Life and Iyashi Dome – ensures a loss of up to 600 calories for every half hour session.

What we love about Michelle Anti-Ageing & Dental Clinic is that here you can also take care of your smile. They even have dental specialists that are always focused on the best technologies for your teeth.

So we recommend you to try their services, to check their FB page and to test the Iyashi Dome procedure.


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