Dreamy Moments before Easter

Sometimes we dream of an unexpected break in the middle of the day and sometimes this unexpected simply happens. It is quite impossible to describe how much we appreciate the chance we have once in a while to connect with the people we love around a meal, in the middle of the day, right in the middle of the city. It gives you energy even for a whole month and we are more than grateful for this wonderful luxury we can take advantage of. Since we are counting down the days till Easter we have decided to organize a picnic and spend some quality time just the two of us.

You know us, we like fairy tales and impossible missions. And believe us this picnic was pretty impossible to be organized on a busy Monday. All in all the main inspiration source was the STEFANEL Collection and our STEFANEL outfits, both contemporary and timeless, perfect for business meetings, special events and even spontaneous pre-Easter garden parties.

Soft silhouettes resonate with the relaxed mood of Stefanel’s style, in this collection that plays with contrasts to strike a perfect balance: ultra feminine pieces combined with structured shapes and styles, maxi skirts and dresses teamed with fluid outerwear, sophisticated ensembles built around silk shirts and oversize knits. And let’s just not forget about their fabulous statement necklaces. They look amazing!

You have to admit that this new collection is just perfect for you, so what we recommend you is to do your best and  find the right STEFANEL outfit and look absolutely impeccable. There’s no Easter without a diva on the list, right?

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Foto: Mike Quyen
Outfits: Stefanel Romania
Location: Casa Universitarilor Hairstyle: Petronela Pruteanu
Decorations: Blaga Events  (products from: Casara, Comptoir de Famille) Cakes: Pain Plaisir




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