Five Addictions

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Addiction – by Oxford dictionary is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity. According to our own dictionary it is a way of life. We love lots of things, care for hundreds and love too many sometimes. But like every human being on earth we have some impossible to heal addictions. Actually  what we really wanna know is what is your secret addiction? Tell us more about it and you can WIN a {I am Absolutely Fabulous} necklace.

On top 5 addictions we have traveling! We love to travel. Maybe we don’t do it as often as we want to {and this means at least once a month}, but we do it as often as possible. And when we don’t do it, we read about amazing places and fabulous treasures.

If you ask any woman what she wants, but already has in her wardrobe, she would say Shoes&Bags! Believe us! We tested it! And since is our everyday normality and since we all share this normality, we wanna share with you some of our favorite shopping websites:,, ,

Technology?! No way! Apple products?! Yes, please! We are addicted to our Iphones and we can’t live without them. And because Iphone was not enough, we got an Ipad, a Macbook Air and the list goes on. So now we can work with pleasure. So the conclusion is simple. We are addicted to Apple and we cannot help it! But if someone has other similar products that are better or helpful we can test them with pleasure and if they are better we will admit it with pleasure…We are not working for Apple!!

FOOD? As natural as possible! This is an addiction that we struggle to follow. Few years ago we discovered raw food, we became addicted, but we have to admit something, something that you already know of course. We cannot say no to croissants and sweets. We really cannot, but for those many days when we eat really healthy we wanna recommend you a family business and a raw food delivery service – Raw Food Heaven.


And yes, we are addicted to each other obviously. We spend a lot of time together. We work together, so we have to, don’t we?  Then we are best friends and we share the most intimate secrets, we talk on the phone, on whatsapp and of course Imessage. So we are really addicted. Nooo, we don’t live together. We have normal lives, we live with our boyfriends (future husbands some would say), but we couldn’t live one without the other. Top secret: We fight, of course we fight, we argue like human beings:)) But it’s never a big deal!

NOW BACK TO YOU…Tell us your addiction!

You can WIN a {I am Absolutely Fabulous} Necklace if you send us a comment with a short story about your addiction, a link with your favorite post from our blog & your e-mail address. 

The winner will be announced on  25th April




Dresses: Maria Lucia Hohan, Chloe Golden Shoes, Michael Kors Black Sandals 


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  • Alina Serban


    1.Sunt dependenta de seriale si cand spun seriale ma refer la un numar de… 12 , ceea ce il face pe sotul meu sa ma catalogheze ca fiind un pic deplasata, ok eu spun foarte obsedata 🙂 Homeland, Scandal, Anatomia Lui Grey, Revange, Masters of Sex, Hostages, Suits, Californication, Gamnes of Thron, House of Cards, Girls, Reign toate fac parte din viata mea.
    2.Fashion, blogs, magazins, instagram de toate sunt dependenta dimineata in timp ce savurez cafeaua: Miroslava Duma, Anna dello Russo, Garry Paper Girl, Cristina Bazan, Ana Morodan, Doina Ciobanu, FABULOUS MUSES, Vogue, Paris Match, Point de Vue, Viva, Vanity Fair, Hello Magazine, People, Cara Delevingne, Chiara Ferragni, Lappo Elkan, Andreea Diaconu, Blogul Lui Otrava, Razvan Pascu,Dana Budeanu, Mihaela Radulescu, etc, etc, etc…o mica parte din lectura de dimineata:))
    3.Talk show-uri politice, aici sunt moderat obsedata, adica nu am ajuns inca la stadiul de inregistrare a acestora si nici nu simt nevoie sa la vad in reluare dar totusi, imi plac dezbaterile si raman cu telecomanda blocata destul de des.
    4.Calatoriile. Imi place sa calatoresc. Coasta Amalfitana este destinatia mea preferata alaturi de Grecia si Croatia. Iar ca si planuri de viitor, NY si Rio sunt deja pe lista cu MUST DO.

    Doar doua din postarile mele preferate:)


  • Alexandra Grozea

    My addiction: Weekend, razele soarelui patrund printre valurile baldachinului alb…de la geam frunzele verzi comploteaza cu aburii cafelei ca sa ma trezeasca…ma ridic incet, deschid in speranta noului articol <3…langa…noul numar Elle si EL 😡 ….doua ore, voi, moda, el si cafeaua prea lunga cu lapt…

  • Alexandra Grozea

    My addiction: Weekend, razele soarelui patrund printre valurile baldachinului alb…de la geam frunzele verzi comploteaza cu aburii cafelei ca sa ma trezeasca…ma ridic incet, deschid in speranta noului articol <3…langa…noul numar Elle si EL 😡 ….doua ore, voi, moda, el si cafeaua prea lunga cu lapt…

  • Daniela

    Hy, my name is D. and I’m addicted to Paris.

    It started a few months ago when I came here for my studies.
    The magic of this city hit me and there’s no remedy for this addiction.
    Its beautiful architecture, the way Parisian speak French, their great taste in fashion.. their food, the music….its(almost) 90 museums…Paul, les comptoires du thé, du chocolat…the coffee culture…
    tout cela..
    Well, I don’t want to leave this city..jamais…never…niciodată.
    Of course I want to keep travelling but I want to be able to come back…toujours

  • Aurè

    Hello,Ciao…great post,lovely photos…intriguing words.
    Ciao from Italia

  • Mihaela P.

    My addiction: his smile. I never thought this can even be possible, but since the very first day I met him I can’t stop thinking about THAT smile. It has a big power towards me, it makes me lose control. The more he smiles, the more addicted I get. It’s like a drug and I never can get enough.

    favorite post:


  • VioletDaffodils

    These photos are all amazing!

  • Tklolel

    My addiction is travelling 🙂 To visit more places in the world!
    Than books, good food,accessories!

    You are the best! Alina my dear, I love you!

    Tijana, Macedonia

  • Talking with Tami

    My addiction is fancy shoes and great dresses like what you gals are rocking in these amazing photos! My love affair for fashion started at a very young age and it still is thriving till this day! Gotta love it!

  • Raluca

    I guess I am addicted to happiness. And fortunately, happiness means a lot of things to me. It means spending time with my family, friends and boyfriend, it means discovering new places and people, it means working out, and feeling like a godess, and it means doing my job every day with neverending pleasure. Therefore, I could say that I am addcited to every little thing that brings me joy. So, who says addictions are bad for us? 🙂
    My favourite post:
    My e-mail adress:

  • Cata Pop

    My addiction:1. Ador sa ma uit la seriale. 2. Sa mananc ciocolata, as manca o gramada si tot nu m-as satura. 3. sa calatoresc, imi place orice loc nou sa descopar lucruri despre acesta. 4. Fashion, tendinte, moda, ador hainele si asta se vede, mai ales in bugetul meu :D, 5. Cerceii, nu am destui cercei, e o obsesie, nu pot iesi din casa fara sa port o pereche de cercei

  • Laslau Alina

    My Addictions: Bags, and lots of them!

  • Andreea Voicu

    My addictions are: 1. Tv shoes: House MD, Sex and the city, Grey’s Anatomy and so on.
    2. Fashion in all it’s forms and shapes:blogs, magazines, instagram etc.
    One of my favorite posts is:
    e-mail address:

  • Dane Dn

    I am addicted to travleing, watching movies, shoes and dresses, good food and spending time with my family.
    favourite post: – See more at:

  • Lavinia

    I’m addicted to.. happy moments, those moments that can take your breath away. Along with travelling, dancing in the rain, macaroons and love. 🙂

  • Giorgiana Gio

    I’m addicted to books, cats, travelling, happy moments and fashion/blogs

  • Smara Sabrina

    Sunt atatea 😀
    1. Imi plac oamenii pozitivi si zambitori imi dau energie sa trec peste momentele grele.
    2. Imi place sa citesc, sa evadez din realitatea mai putin frumoasa si uneori chiar devin unul din personajele cartii pe care o citesc la acel moment.
    3.Ador moda si machiajul, blog-uri, reviste. Tot timpul invet cate ceva si pun in practica <3
    4.Biscuitii TUC cu gust de paprika (e de ajuns sa mananci unul si nu te mai poti dezlipi de ei :D) si dulciurile – ciocolata si prajitura krantz.
    5. Calatoriile, descoperi atatea locuri, uneori raman blocata in fata unei cladiri datorita arhitecturii. Cultura, felul in care se comporta, tabieturile oamenilor sunt cateodata uimitoare.
    Mai toate postarile imi plac, dar o sa aleg una:

  • DeeaElla

    Nu sunt o persoane care sa spuna…sunt dependenta de seriale,de pisici sau feluri de mancare.Da…imi plac pastele,imi plac pantofii,calatoriile si toate lucrurile astea minunate ale vietii.Dar…sunt dependenta de dorinte,de teluri,de vise si idei.Sunt dependenta de un vis pe care vreau sa il transform in realitatea mea.Si ca sa nu fiu mult prea deosebita din punctul de vedere al dependentei…clar sunt dependenta de Iphone:))

  • Ioana

    Ohhhh doamne. Dependente cred ca avem toti. Pornind de la incaltaminte, pana la carti, ceasuri sau mai stiu eu ce colectii.
    In ceea ce ma priveste ma consider dependenta de mancare sanatoasa, bio naturala, etc. Nu imi prea place sa ii spun dependenta cat mai degraba stil de viata. Dependenta o vad ca pe ceva nociv iar asta nu se incadreaza aici (nu si din punctul de vedere al unor persoane).
    Daaaaar daca e sa ma gandesc la o adictie ehaaaaaa…as putea enumera cateva:
    – Pinterest (merge perfect cu cafeaua de dimineata);
    – pozele imprimate (obsesie preluata de la mama)
    – cafeaua de la ora 9
    – produsele de ingrijire (geluri de dus, sampoane, lotiuni, creme de fata )
    – blugii si camasile din blug
    – pantofii de toate natiile, pornind de la conversi, pantofi metalici pana la pantofi cu tocuri de 15 cm ( incerc sa ma calmez la capitolul asta)…
    Insa as putea spune ca cea mai mare dependenta este data de familia mea pe care imi doresc sa o fac mandra de mine.

  • Ioana

    Am uitat sa mentionez articolul preferat.

    Este cel de mai jos pentru ca atunci cunoscut in format complet.


  • Anonymous

    S.a mai ales castigatoarea ?

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