Friday Shopping Session

A little online shopping never hurt nobody. And when the shopping desire pops in we advise you to enjoy this magnificent moment and spend as much time as you want doing whatever you need. At the end of a hard week every woman needs a break and every woman deserves a Friday shopping session. We usually start  and end this day with the things we enjoy most so we could be sure that we finish the 5 working days  in a pleasant way. So when in need for some shopping ideas we recommend you to just call a friend or simply check our blog.

Today we recommend you a top 5 essentials from Alexia Luxury Shop:

1.  Karl Lagerfeld kreeper brogues
2.  Karl Lagerfel Leather Tote
3. Just Cavalli black silk shirt
4. GF Ferre Midi Dress
5. Ferre Black Dress


Foto: Ionut Staicu

Hairstyle: Petronela Pruteanu Make-up: Alina Scripnic
Location: Beauty Food 




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