Magic Time!

True magic is the art and science of changing states of mind at will. And from time to time, when our life needs a little glimpse we pull off an ultra chic outfit, call our magician and try to squeeze in a little break for some fun. This time it wasn’t a moment created only for us, but for you also. Why? Because we wanted to introduce you properly our new collaboration with Stilago and this, we thought, it was the best way to do it.

Another day and another exciting collaboration we would say, and of course we have to advice you to check out this shopping website – an online mall with lots of brands&discounts – and their facebook page, because this could become one of your favorite online shopping websites.

Foto: Silvia Postolatiev
Outfits: Stilago 
Location: Eclecticó Studio  Magician: Verdini Hairstyle: Petronela Pruteanu




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