A new friend – Antoanelle

Hello ladies! We are back from Milan and we have pretty good news. No, we don’t leave Bucharest for Milan, don’t get that excited. But yes, we travel quite often and mostly for projects we work on, as you already know. This time we received a challenging proposal from a young Romanian designer and since we support all the young talents, we left the city to take the photo shoot for the first campaign signed by Antoanelle. This is just a very short teaser for what is going to be the first collection of  Camelia AntoanelaRoatis. Just stay tuned to find out more!


Designer: Antoanelle by Cami Roatis Videography: EML – Emil Costruț Make-up: Loredana Lupea Hairstyling:

Coco Ardelean Styling assistant: Patricia Luiza Blaj




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