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cel mai bun site de moda

Everyone is allowed to dream. And this is what we did! When you see these photos you instantly think of Bonnie&Clyde, right? Because every time you see a gun and a car in a vintage context you immediately think of them, but honestly the story is another one this time. This a reinvented story of two fabulous women from 70s, who have a crush for men suits and guns. During the day they are two busy gangstas and by night just two women who attend the most expected private events and make the best of every night. This is a neverending story and as long as you are creative everything is possible. Our starting point was Royal Chapeau and their masculine hats. Just read more and you can WIN one.

cel mai bun blog de moda

cel mai bun blog de moda

cel mai bun blog de moda

diana enciu alina tanasa

diana enciu alina tanasa

diana enciu alina tanasa

diana enciu alina tanasa

diana enciu alina tanasa

vogue photo shoot

vogue photo shoot

If you like our looks we have to tell you that lately we have a crush on the masculine-femine way of dressing ourselves. So if you want a masculine look you have to learn how to dress like a man and still feel like a woman. You don’t have to loose your femininity, but to feel sexy in a different way.

How to wear masculine items and still be sexy

1. Wear a suit, but forget about the shirt. A nice cleavage will be super sexy. Put on red lipstick and wear you hair in a hairbun or make it curly.

2. When you use masculine clothes (like boyfriend jeans or even trousers with tall waist with a shirt) try to add ladylike accessories to soften the look, like a printed silk scarf, jewel-like box clutch, or delicate pendant necklaces.

3. If you have a crush on your boyfriend’s coat use it with your skinny jeans or a very sexy short skirt to compensate. Take your high heels and if the coat doesn’t look like you expected it, wear it on your shoulders.

4. If you think of a custom made suit we recommend you a pink one or even red one. If it’s too much for you try a white or pastel blue, but forget about the boring black. You have to have a fabulous touch, don’t you think?

5. Wear a masculine hat with your sexy suit and the outfit will be just a success. You can WIN a hat from Royal Chapeau right now!


1. Find another post on our blog with an outfit that will fit perfectly with a Royal Chapeau HAT

2. Write a comment with the link of the post & your e-mail address

4. Good luck!








Outfits: Gucci & Prada Sunglasses from Optiblu, Miu Miu & Zara Shoes, Royal Chapeau Hats,

Asos&Zara Pants, Marsay Shirt, Paul Smith bow tie, Zara Stripes Top


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