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Yes it’s fun to be the star and to be photographed by Adam Katz Sinding, Scott Schuman or Youngjun Koo, but is also fun to photograph the celebrities around you. And thank God we found the perfect camera. It’s handsome, easy to use and takes one of the best shots. It’s Panasonic LUMIX DMCGM1 and we recommend you to use it. Read more about it, fall in love with it and but it from F64 STUDIO.

Rules in photography have gotten more stylish. Some people never understand that style is not a whim, or just a passing thought. Some do get it and use it to their full advantage. Panasonic has never closed its eyes to style and beauty and this has resulted in some of the most stylish photo cameras.

In December 2013 the company launched Panasonic LUMIX DMCGM1, a tiny, flawless camera built with the precision of a clock manufacturer in a world that too often disregards elegance.

This pocketable camera with a 16 megapixel Four Thirds sensor offfers a great performance despite its tiny size. It has been called the smallest interchangeable lens camera to date. Even if you photograph in a dim light, you can still get the best results, due to its fabulous technical specifications.


We should slowly move over the idea that good photography in general and fashion photography specifically requires a huge equipment. Big cameras are not the only guarantee of quality anymore. Panasonic LUMIX DMCGM1 proves that the rules of the game have changed, in our advantage. Stylish photographs can and should be made with elegant and high quality cameras.

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