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There’s nothing we enjoy more than finding new places and new reasons to get excited. Fascinated by the beauty of a sunny and warm morning we felt inspired to plan what we usually call an unexpected break in the city. You can find inspiration and energy not only if you take 10 days off work and go to St. Barths or Maui, but also if you are creative enough to sweeten a normal day of your life with some magic tricks. This time we have chosen the easy way. All you need is a pool, some colorful beach towels, few pillows, lots of magazines and the desire to spend your Monday morning in a distinctive way.

You might ask yourselves why we felt the need to decorate the space and give a personal touch to this little special corner. Of course we have the answers already prepared. Ever since H&M launched their home collection we were regular and recurring customers, always searching for new bed linens, cushions, bed covers, plates, glasses or candlesticks, just perfect to freshen up our houses, the garden or the pool.

In order to motivate you, our lovely ladies, to brighten up your days and houses we wanted to recommend you some summerish pieces that we truly believe are really promising. The summer H&M Home Collection encompasses stripes, fruits, floral and animal prints, bright colors, soft textures and lots of pretty little accessories which you might find quite appropriate for your house or garden.

We really hope that you feel inspired now and  that you will make the best of every break you take and every moment you dedicate to yourself.

Have a wonderful week, sweethearts and don’t forget to stay fabulous!



Foto: Eduard Mariut

Deco: H&M Home 
Outfits: H&M Concious Exclusive dresses
Special thanks: Radisson Blu Hotel 


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