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You all know that we don’t like sun too much and that we always use lots of products to protect our skin. And you should do the same! We still love to go to the seaside and walk in the sun and of course we know that vitamin D3 is important for our body so from now on we won’t say no to a sunny holiday, but we will have the perfect sun protection kit prepared. We discovered the Italian brand L’Erbolario in SensiBlu farmacy, the only farmacy in Romania where you can find them and we became big fans of this magic ‘potions’.

All their products are natural and combine perfectly the classic phytotherapy and the modern cosmetic science. Their purpose is to use the plants properties in order to help your skin and treat it.

As a leader of natural cosmetic products L’Erbolario has a solid background – 35 years of experience in the field, researching and developing natural cosmetics. Back to the products you have to know that these three special creams&lotions are perfect for both your face and body, they can be used even on the sensitive skin of your kids and they reduce the bad effects of the sun and radiations.

If you are ready for a sunny vacation by the seaside we recommend you a very good hydratation before the exposure with natural products SPF +30. Drink a lot of water and use lotion after sunbathing for cooling your skin. And always wear a turban or a fancy hat. You need more protection for your skin!

And because we care about you and your skin we give you the chance to win your own L’Erbolario kit.

Click HERE. And if you have a blog and if you post a tips&tricks list of how to get tanned with style in 5 steps  (using at least one L’Erbolario product ) we will send you a summer kit and three others for your readers. The contest is open till 23rd of July.

Just leave the link of your post as comment.


* L’Erbolario has a nice promotion for you. If you buy a sun protection product you get the second one with 50% off


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