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If we made you curious yesterday, today we share with you the whole photoshoot and all you have to know about our new best friend. We have been using Philips Lumea for a couple of months, but we didn’t wanna tell you about it before the final result. You all ask us what is the secret for a perfect skin and what do we use to make it look bright and fabulous.

Well now you know! We have started to use this magic little friend whenever we have time and it works big time! Easy to use, safe and easy to handle, Philips Lumea prevents the reappearance of hair so you can enjoy a smooth skin every single day, for 2 months. It doesn’t hurt or harm your skin and it works by applying gentle pulses of light to the hair. In the following days the hair will shed naturally and hair growth is inhibited.

What do we like most about this fabulous device? You can use it when you are home, during your vacation or even at the office ( if you have your own private space, of course:)). You don’t have to replace the components, like lamps and you don’t have to use any other accessories. For us it is the best thing ever cause we never have time to go to a beauty parlor. So it is a time saver and a magic ‘tool’ for ‘skin airbrushing’ ( less photoshop interventions for us now).

We recommend you the model SC2008 that has two accessories for face and bikini zone! So what more can you ask for?! It doesn’t have a wire so you can charge it and use it easily. You don’t need protection glasses and you also don’t need to use cream or gel; it has 140.000 light impulses, which makes it perfect for long lasting use.

Lumea is suitable for a wide variety of skin tones. It has five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment across different skin tones: white, beige, light brown, mid brown and dark brown; and across natural hair colors: blonde, brown and black.

If you wanna learn more about it just check the video tutorial and (

And if you still have questions, feel free to send a comment and we will answer it as soon as possible.

Just make your skin smooth and silky this summer and all year long!



Outfits: Diana: Red Silky Dress from ZARA, Marc Jacobs Sandals, Zac Posen Silver Bag, Tom Ford Sunglasses from Ottica Mutti, Hublot Watch, JCREW & Stella Valle Bracelets, Ring from / Alina: Lace Skirt from Nicole Enea Sandals from ZARA, Prada Sunglasses from Optiblu, DVF Bag, H&M Top,  JCREW Bracelets, H&M Necklace, Vintage Ring


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  • Desirèe D'Aloia

    Great outfits girls!!!
    Love your dress Diana!

  • Anonymous

    Hey love this post. I wanted to ask whether the hair grows back after using it or does the hair permanently dissappear?

  • Anonymous

    Hey so I had a question. I wanted to know whether the hair will grow back or does it permanently stop

  • Karen Liesens

    Great outfits! Love the red skiet!


    Hey! It’s not a forever not growing but for sure grows a little of the hair you had. It’ s like IPL removal. The good thing is that you can use it every week and the hair won t have time to regenerate. So you pay once and you ll have it forever:) – See more at:

  • joannagherghel

    super outfit-urile! imi place ca e mult rosu, care e culoarea mea preferata. bisous

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