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Acting like a kid is not about age, but about enjoying life and its little moments of happiness. You can be a teenage girl, a carrier woman or a fabulous mother and still have the luxury to act childish. But always while wearing the proper dress. Now you can delight yourself with a beautiful capsule collection inspired by the opulence and grace of odalisques, which gives you the absolute power of seduction. The Taksim Collection signed by Kiki Dumitrescu is like the heart of modern Istanbul.

Modern details derive from the exquisite design of mosaic Turkish lamps with sequins, silk chiffon and muslin coming together as a whole and wrapping every woman with an unique charm. Like a mosaic of memories, bits and pieces  of experience arranged by life in a, sometimes, absurd way, but which create the fascinating individuality of humans, Taksim has everything we have, everything we want and everything we aspire to be.

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Location: Terra Park

Outfits: Kiki Dumitrescu Dresses, Armani Sandals, Zara Hat, Zara Red Sandals, Moo Golden Sunglasses, Tom Ford Black Sunglasses


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