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Our phones – our life! All the contacts, all the photos, e-mails, whatsapp, facebook, instagram, – our whole life captured by this smart little thing we usually call the perfect assistant. It reminds you about your meeting, about events, holiday, birthdays, when to take your pills, when to stop eating sweets, it is smart, fun and practical. And because we are looking for the best on the market we had the chance to test this beauty, LG G3.

In an industry where quality is the most important LG made us think that better is really possible. More screen (5.5 inch) and even less bezel, with resolution to spare – the QHD display, along with laser autofocus camera made us want it in our lives for a little longer.

It makes the best photos ever (the camera has 13MP) and on this huge display ii is for sure the reality in a photo. What is more is that the camera has a brush that makes your face look just perfect for a #selfie moment and also a mode with a magic focus, panorama and dual photos (so you can have two images in one! How?! The both cameras are working in the same time). So if you are a photo addict, this LG phone will be just perfect!

What else do we love about it?You can use it as a TV remote! Isn’t it cool? So it’s smarter that any phones that we had in our hands. Oh! Not to forget about it. You can give the phone to a friend on a guest mode. So even if you have dirty talks on whatsapp he won’t be able to read them. Smart, right? You need one!:)

This LG smart friend surprisingly has the colour of our souls! Champagne color! So it is going to fit all your outfits and make you sparkle!

And one more thing for us, girls and even for boys, because lately they are more obsessed than we are about how they look, the phone has the LG health that helps you manage your everyday lifestyle and mantain good exercise habits by tracking logs and competing with people.

Long story short this phone has all the ingredients we need. It takes best photos ever, it is thin, it looks good and it will conquer your heart for sure!

We don’t know if this phone is the best on the market, but for sure you have to take a good look at it because it might become your coolest best friend.

Aaaaand since LG has a super promotion till 14th September, if you buy an LG G3 you win an LG GPad.




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