Let’s be mermaids

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Well…summer it’s not all about swimwear, flip flops and tan. You can always think about sun, beach, dinners in the garden and late night cocktail parties either you wear a fluid silk dress or a mermaid shaped one. You don’t have to go to a wedding in order to look feminine and pay more attention to details and you don’t have to be a bride to wear, lace, white, crystal or pearl embellishments. Between our summer holiday and a trip to fabulous New York we had a wonderful weekend experience with some of the latest items from CRISTALLINI Summer Collection.

Nothing is more enjoyable during these hot and long summer days than feeling absolutely free and having fun all day long. Sometimes we really need a break from the workaholics and control freaks we became since we lead our business and just feel gorgeous. These fascinating mermaid dresses from Cristallini made things possible.

But the main reason we write again about their collections is not only that we believe in their creations, but to announce you sweethearts that starting this month you can all enjoy their Online Shop and their evening, cocktail and bridal collections. The shipping is free and you can now wear them and not only admire them. For those who live in Romania, you can also find them at their showroom from  Splaiul Unirii 108. 



Foto: Sergiu Zimbilschi for CRISTALLINI 
Location: The Gang Restaurant
Make-Up: Ema Uta
Hair: Laurentiu Ilie


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