I’m Barbie Doll

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It’s not the first time we anticipate trends, but this time IT was really funny. We loved this pink Barbie sweaters and we absolutely loved the idea of twins outfits. We had a lot of fun before Anna Sui show because everybody was asking us about the sweaters and it was quite amusing walking on New York streets rememorizing our childhood and our Barbie obsession.

We’ve been fascinated by Barbie and since SHE is a fabulous character that all the little girls love, Jeremy Scott was very wise to make a Moschino Barbie collection. Since we all wanted to be at some point a fancy Barbie doll, ladies, we think that now is the moment to manifest our wish!


Foto: Josefina Andres
Outfits: Sam Edelman Shoes, Maria Lucia Hohan Skirts, Forever 21 sweater, Ralph Lauren Pink Bag, Concepto Lini Light Pink Clutch, Miriam Salat Bracelets, Stella Valle Pearl Ring, Casio Watch
Calatorie realizata cu sprijinul Air France

Exactly! A Barbie doll in a Barbie world! That’s what Moschino SS2015 collection was. A Barbie doll and a mirror iPhone case, this is what the guests found on their chairs. Jeremy Scott’s passion for pop up culture doesn’t stop even now and it seems it works and sells pretty good.

Shiny pink suit, roller skates, pink tracksuits, blue jeans and also non pink looks, like a biker jacket , a gold trench coat and plastic handbags – all amazed the public.From Business Barbie to Cowgirl Barbie, Moschino SS 2015 Collection had everything you can imagine about Barbie’s world.

If you feel inspired, just take a look here and choose the best look that fits your wardrobe and your style.




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