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The body worn by Beyonce and the corset made for Madonna for her Grammy Awards appearance, both items from the main MURMUR collection inspired everyone. They inspired us also, so we have decided to wear MURMUR Takeaway items during our stay in New York. Eager to feel wild, sexy and absolutely comfortable in our clothes, we said yes to playing a creative mix&match game on the streets of the city of lights with this affordable collection. Everytime you have to handle key items,  styling up your outfits gets easier and more fun if we talk about a basic black dress made of thick jersey, a shapewear dress with a technical zipper, that can reveal the cleavage or the legs, or “The Garter Leggings” or “The Suspender Leggings” – the type of leggings that you need to have in your wardrobe.

Don’t say No, this is far too sexy to wear it day by day, because believe us you can wear any of these items whether you are at the office, having a venti cappuccino at Starbucks or walking your dog in the park early in the morning. If you decide to wear the khaki leotard with an oversized shirt as a dress or a plated crepe skirt over it,  you will rock for sure. Or if you wanna play it safe you can pick a corset, a feminine dress or a skirt that integrates dramatic lines of ice cracks or styled thunderstorms. We’ve tried all the combinations.

They work for everyone, in every city and every single day you can mix them with any other item from your wardrobe, because they’ve been created for this. And the best thing is that all items are affordable. MURMUR Takeaway Collection has the reinvented best seller MURMUR items that we all love, but with really special prices.

So pretty ladies, get wild and crazy and don’t be afraid to be creative!




Outfits: Murmur Takeaway Collection Autumn-Winter 2014 
Foto: Camelia Negoita
Calatorie realizata cu sprijinul Air France


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