The morning before NY

Greetings from lovely New York! We hope you all had a wonderful week and that you will stay connected to our instagram accounts during New York Fashion Week (@fabmuse_diana & @fabmuse_alina) just to brighten up a little bit your weekend. This time our trip to Carrie Bradshaw’s city is the perfect blend between projects, shows, meetings and lots of fun with very dear friends. Before we left the country we have decided to squeeze a photo shoot for Stilago, just to have a reason to announce a really cool project we are working on for them, right now, in this moment.

Hope you like the outfits we have chosen from and that you enjoyed this ‘very early in the morning’ photo shoot.

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Foto: Silvia Postlatiev
Outfits: Maison Scotch Pants & Pepe Jeans Shirts from




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