Exclusive Alexander Wang x H&M

Ladies, get ready! Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M finally hits the stores on November 6. Sport-themed, the collection brings a sporty vibe, and rather than creating affordable versions of the designer’s items, it suprises with amazing pieces that are within the natural price of H&M sportwear collections. As the designer said…”We wanted to take certain elements of each sport and portray the ultimate warrior… the girls had to feel big and heroic.” And so we felt while wearing them around the city.

Everything is just…black & white with a few shades of grey, so if you are a fan of colors you’ll have to find a way to match at least one item from this collection to one from your wardrobe.

We are very into the branding trend of the Alexander Wang x H&M Collection and we absolutely love this american sportwear which was taken to the next level.

“Everyone works out,” the designer Alexander Wang said. “Everyone’s active. Everyone sweats.” And since we are part of this ”everyone” we are more than excited to wear the Wang uniform.

Urban and contemporary, this collection must not be skipped. Few standout stylish pieces never hurt nobody, so say yes to the heeled boots with zippers, the quick-dry shorts, the leather pants and the so cool boxing gloves. Believe us, they worth every penny!






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