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Share this on might say that fashion is superficial and that was created by snobs for snobs and for all those who have time and money to have fun, but let us tell you something…It takes courage and passion to create something that counts in this domain. Take a look at Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld – whether we are fond of them or not, the reality is the same, they are fashion’s most powerful people and we cannot deny their influence in the fashion field, because the ESSENCE of they’re character is undoubtful. Today we tell you about the inner essense that made us who we are today.

It all started with intuition… We didn’t know each other and a mutual friend made the connection. We started together a PR agency and the belief that we can make great things together kept us together. We had a lot of hope even if the period when we started all was not quite the best. The financial crisis didn’t help us very much, but with dedication and patience we managed to develop our business.

We’ve never made compromises, good or bad this is one of the things that is and will remain very important for us. We both love fashion and we wanted from back then to make something in the fashion field, to have a voice. So this is how the Absolutely Fabulous concept was created. Our agency, Fabulous PR&Events gave birth to Absolutely Fabulous Fashion&Vintage Fair, the e-zine and this blog which is our big love.

We started all with a lot of optimism and we knew that we can make things count. Creativity was a must and so was the patience. After we started the fair and the magazine, the blog came as a diamond ring. It is the place where we can do what we want and what we feel. We can express our talent, sensitivity and spirituality…we have our special place to show you who we are, because thanks to you we gave birth to

Fashion might seem superficial and easy to handle, but at a second glance you will see it’s not easy to resist in this wold. Because you have to be good and you have to be constant. If in the last century fashion was only for a few people, rich and famous, now fashion is for everybody and all because the power of technology took fashion in the middle of the crowd. Now everybody can have a point of view, everybody can share it, post it and anyone can read it and why not, resonate with it.

After all this years of hard work now we know that it wasn’t in vain. We gained respect and on other hand, hatters (let’s be honest you cannot be loved by everyone). We gained stability and freedom to do what we feel and what we want. It wasn’t easy and the road is not over, but now we trust more in ourselves, we have even more energy, courage, joy and strength. Because we can and we will be better and better. And what we need and we have to be careful with is wellness!

We’ve been inspired to write this article by the Essence Collection from PANDORA.


Outfits: Diana: Marsay Suit, Stefanel Shirt, Moo Sunglasses, Phillip Lim Bag, Sam Edelman Shoes, PANDORA Bracelets /Alina: Ermanno Scervino Dress, JCREW Necklaces, Dior Shoes, Tom Ford Sunglasses, PANDORA Bracelets
Location: Special thanks to GALATECA 


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    This is such a cool post! 🙂 I love both of them! You look so stunning and cool, girls 🙂

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