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It comes a time in a woman’s life when you feel absolutely naked without jewelry and when you feel the continuous need to sparkle wherever you are. A beautiful piece of jewelry is the perfect way to bring life to one of your outfits and to be honest, why not to wear an attention-grabbing necklace like one from those above? The key to a perfect look is to keep it simple or either work your outfit around one piece or why not, two. On BOREALY you can find the perfect set of jewelry that will lift your look for sure.

Statement jewelry is absolutely fabulous and of course it cannot be missed if you have decided to attend a cocktail party, a red carpet event or a wedding. The important this is to make the right choices. Make sure that the necklace perfectly frames your neck and that the earrings frame your face in a pleasant way and be sure that both enhance your look. Jewelry has a big impact on your outfits so be careful.

These pieces from BOREALY were created – obviously – to make a statement and to give your style personality. We have chosen to wear them with two velvet body harnesses and in the in the end with two evening dresses, but you can easily accessorize a suit with one of them.

But what is your favorite?!



Foto: Catalin Muntean

Outfits: Dresses&Body Harness by Maria Lucia Hohan
Make-up: Diana Ionescu
Hairstyle: Petronela Pruteanu


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  • Desirèe D'Aloia

    girls, you are stunning! I’m in love with these pics!!!
    great job as always!

  • Beatrice Balaj

    Wow. I am blown away. This is amazing.

    Take a look at my blog, you will love it :).


  • Anonymous

    The Fabulous Intensity of Being a Woman. You both look totally fabulous!

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