Petit Déjeuner avec CHANEL

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Don’t be fooled by the photo! To be honest our mornings are not usually like this. But when CHANEL calls for a breakfast you really have to behave, to dress properly and attend the meeting. The last couple of weeks have been hectic, but still super exciting, but with all the assignments and meetings we didn’t have the time to enjoy a proper coffee, a lemon eclair and a peaceful breakfast. This is more than a breakfast and not only we enjoyed sipping the coffee, but we had so much fun discovering the new Chanel cosmetic line for this season.

Of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to test all these goodies, so we recommend you LE LIFT  Sérum, it made pure magic with our tired skin. LE LIFT Sérum contains an exclusive molecule patented by CHANEL, Resveratrol-12, which works on  the most decisive factors behind the appearance of signs of aging. With each application, the facial contour is redefined. Skin is firmer, as if plumped from within. The skin texture is smoothed and wrinkles seem to disappear.

And since CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio developed a loose powder foundation that holds all the secrets of a naturally luminous and amazingly even complexion fell in love also with VITALUMIÈRE LOOSE POWDER FOUNDATION. It offers remarkable sensoriality and reveals the five secrets of an enhanced complexion with a natural glow. It’s a new beauty step for a sensation of instant comfort. We use it every single day and the skin looks amazing from morning to evening.

We start the day using this two products which we believe that are the base for any kind of make-up, but if you wanna read more about Chanel Fall Collection we recommend you to click HERE and choose your favorite.

Enjoy your day ladies and don’t forget to treat yourself with a proper breakfast at least one a week.

We recommend you Paris Bakery Bucuresti

Bon appetit!


Foto: Constantin Stefanescu

Outfits: MURMUR Dress & Shirt, Zara Black Pants, Mihaela Glavan Embelished Beige Shoes
Location: Paris Bakery Bucuresti


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