Trussardi SS2015

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Athleticism. The search for an Olympian ideal that creates a new dialog between physicality and clothes. Gaia Trussardi is inspired by a toned, lithe, real figure for the Trussardi Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Rejecting the contemporary culture of absolute virtuality and the disconnection between mind and body, she admires the timeless elegance of athletes and imagines a dynamic and sophisticated woman.

Materials: cotton with raised patterns, jersey, denim, perforated suede and nappa, ostrich, and elaphe leather.

The color palette is saturated and classic yet shines with unexpected contrasts: white, denim blue, tan, with notes of pistachio and burgundy and Lurex glimmers.

The idea of dynamic, timeless luxury continues in the bags: beauty cases, luggage and sleek Bugatti-style bags come in crocodile or perforated leather. The new hunter bag reveals a new design take on a Trussardi classic that transforms ribbed seaming, an expression of exquisite artisan workmanship, into a distinctive motif. White perforated leather shoes with a wood heel and beach sandals add a graphic touch to the look.

 With this collection, Gaia Trussardi’s vision is precise yet spontaneous, just like the winning stroke in a tennis match. It is the thoughtful result of someone who, like an athlete, works hard to improve each day. Effortlessly and elegantly tracing the path created by a trailblazing family, she aces it.


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