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Wonder how to dress for a party? Do you have weekend plans and you don’t have the proper outfit for the dress code mentioned on the invitation? We understand you perfectly, because we are every hostess’s nightmare – we really have a track record of not observing dress codes. But we don’t worry much lately, because stylish ways around this problem truly exist for people like us.(yes, we know, or at least we hope you have the same problem when you read an invitation text). The most important thing is the main item, today two lace dresses from Stilago (which by the was has great discounts for Black Friday). Why?

Because you can easily accessorize them with any type of shoes, bags, earrings or necklaces, according to the dress code. If there’s a theme party you can easily chose a mask or a hat that can relate to the theme instead of choosing a full costume. See? In fact it’s quite easy!

Now let’s party or let’s just enjoy this crazy Black Friday!

And shop on Stilago Club, Fashion Mall & Outlet because they have really nice discounts. 

To apply the discount don’t forget to use the code from BLACK21 cupon.


Video: Eduard Mariut
Location: Eclectico Studio


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