Utopia Collection by CONCEPTO

Get ready for UTOPIA – A Special Preview on CONCEPTO’s Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection. Dream in colors and imagine the future!  We are more than happy to be the first to wear these amazing items from the CONCEPTO future collection. And yes, they just become our favorite items for the cold season! They are a MUST WEAR for sure! Next cold season it’s all about UTOPIA!

Trendy style with playful feminine details – this is the core message of the collection on which a preview has been specially made available for us. Staying true to the brand philosophy, the designers offer once more the means for women to express their true selves through colors, prints and quality fabrics.By this means, UTOPIA becomes a communication tool of fashionable woman who dares to step into an imaginary world, a world of fantasies and no limitations in creation, where she can present statements of herself.

Specific to this collection are geometric shapes, vivid colors and vibrant hues specially made available for everyone who seeks individuality. CONCEPTO is welcoming you in 2015/2016 to a cheerful autumn & winter with colorful fabrics.

New silhouettes are spontaneously juggling with plain and printed wool with dots or stars, while extravagant fabrics as metallic Spandex are present in vibrant colors as fuchsia, lime and turquoise. Faux fur is completing this world of fantasies in a playful, daring style.

Just stay tuned & don’t miss this future collection.


Foto: Silvia Postolatiev




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