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We all love stories. We grew up with them and we still love to hear stories no matter how old we are…But what’s even better than a story?! The photos, of course! Because even when we were little we loved the books with images and illustrations. They don’t say for nothing that a photo worths 10000 words! It’s totally true. We are leaving in the era of images&visuals: facebook, instagram and blogs. And today everything is about images and their impact! It’s a competition of #bestphotooftheday every day. It’a all about capturing the moment in its best shape: easy, fast and perfect. We don’t have time to waste and we wanna share the story with everyone as soon as possible.

Canon’s new campaign “Come and see” took us by surprise. We love to work Canon camera and we work with them for a long time. For us Canon was always the best choice -easy to use, friendly and fashion wise. But they took us by surprise with this new campaign. ‘Come and See’ campaign, focused on delivering content, is showing how consumers are changing the way they take and share photos. The first Canon ‘Come and See’ story showcase a Calcio Storico match – a ‘historic football’ game which evolves into a gladiator bout where wrestlers wildly chase each other to get the ball.

As Canon gives us this amazing story we come with our own.

Because we love summer, seaside and sun. We kept these amazing photos taken with Canon (of course) for this special moment. Our blog is an image story. You know us from our texts, but you know us best from the photos we post every week, every day. But the most important thing is that a photo is a story itself. And for all these amazing photo-stories you need an amazing camera, right?

And it was easy for us to fall in love with Canon new campaign  because it’s all about stories through images: “Unusual and fascinating real-world stories”.

No, you don’t have to be a professional even if you can become one or you can already be one. It’s about imagination and passion. Testing and working with many cameras in all these seven years we can tell that our favorites are Canon EOS 100D because it’s small and easy to use, perfect for holidays, Canon EOS 6D because you can easily change lenses and you can take nice portraits and of course Canon EOS 7D mark II because it’s that kind of camera for street style photos, just perfect if you are running, perfect if you wanna have those photos that you’ll die for, perfect for cinema movies. With this camera the world will look better for sure.

Every day we get familiar with new things, discover new places, meet new people. It’s all about sharing and making memories. One of our favorite quotes is “We wanna make memories all over the world” and share them with you, of course.

Make all your dreams come true and look always forward.. and along the way don’t forget to stop and take a snap!

TELL YOUR STORY and share YOUR experiences with Canon with this application. ( click on the pink letters)

Foto: Mike Quyen
Make-up: Diana Ionescu, Make-up Artist Maybelline
Location: The Wedding House
Outfits: Dolce&Gabbana – See more at:

Foto: Mike Quyen 
Make-up: Diana Ionescu, Make-up Artist Maybelline 
Location: The Wedding House 
Outfits: Dolce&Gabbana


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