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We know it seems easy and fun, but in the end it’s quite hard to write your Christmas Wish List. You might be looking for a present for yourself, for your best friend, for your mother or for your boyfriend or husband or with no reason, just to make your holidays more beautiful than they used to be last year. Either way it is hard to find the perfect gifts. And because we wanna ease your job, here you have a ‘Best Christmas Gifts’ list to choose from. And in the end a CONTEST will be waiting  for you, our beloved readers!

A book should be exactly what you need. If it’s useful, funny and gives you tips, it’s even better. We fell in love with How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits and it’s quite inspirational. You can find it HERE and then just place it near another one which we are reading these days: ‘Sfarsit de sezon‘ written by Marius Chivu, a wonderful man and a new friend of ours.

The second thing your wardrobe needs? No, the second thing your fingers, hands, neck and ears need is a piece of jewelry. We are very into Artelier Mx bracelets and necklaces and so is The Blonde Salad. Beside the fine jewelry, we also recommend you some statement pieces that will highlight your Christmas Outfit. HERE you can find more items.

Don’t forget the most important ingredient – your skin! Invest in it and make yourself the best gift ever. A smart skincare customized for you! A powerful formula to defy the signs of aging – a lift serum. We are Chanel Le Lift fans and it works big time! You should try it!

What a Christmas Eve would be without a movie?! We have already chosen All you need is Love, Sleepless in Seattle and Devil wears Prada. But if you miss Audrey Hepburn and the classics HERE you have a collection just perfect for winter evenings.

Your thoughts, plans and contacts have to stay in a single place, safely in your purse. You could easily use an application on your iPad, laptop or smartphone, but let’s just keep it traditional and use the classic NOTEBOOK. We use the Fashionary Notebooks, but you can find many other models right HERE.

At the end of the year Cinderella deserves a new pair of shoes. You can buy it by yourself (and we advice you to wait the sales period or to find some ready good deals) or you can send your boyfriend (by mistake of course) an image with a print screen of the shoes you want. Or if you are super excited and you really need some sandals to complete your Christmas outfit you can find some really nice choices right HERE.

Well…You might be wondering what is this all about. It’s about having a different Christmas dinner this year. A healthier one and even a tastier one. We recommend you a raw food menu for your family or if you are not such a big fan of vegetarian-only food, try at least a raw cake. They are amazing and Raw Food Heaven is ready to deliver it by your house.

Because FABULOUS is your middle name, you need a proper t-shirt to tell the world this so very obvious fact. And you can easily find our Absolutely Fabulous T-shirt Collection on

What do we have here? Two souls ready to be adopted! And this we believe could be the best gift you could ever give to you or to your family. If you feel that now it is the moment to give a chance to a big heart which will always give you unconditional love, you can find more details on and

You better be on time! We know your smartphone show you the hours, the weather and all the other details you need to organize your winter holiday, but a woman should never forget the classic watch. We like Daniel Wellington lately ( you can use holiday-fabmuses CODE for a pretty discount), but here you can also find some really nice pieces to beautify your wrist.

Treat yourself with a new fragrance. Try Luck or Premiere Luxe Gold Blush from Avon. Find more on

Try to change the traditional red and make yourself a white Christmas. If you still do not have a dress try to make an appointment to an Atelier to make a customized one for New Year’s Eve and if you want something easy and comfortable to dress up for a family lunch you should check out

Or just leave everything behind and go to Paris. Winter in Paris in like Heaven on Earth! You can book in a minute a flight right HERE.

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2. Tell us why do you love it
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4. Good Luck!


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  • Monica Stancu

    Hi girls!

    My favorite post was
    MORPHO – Fabulous Desserts & Macarons( I loved it because you somehow managed to combine some of the best things in life: macarons, pastel colors, fashion and business. I also loved it because you are promoting a Romanian designer (Maria Lucia Hohan) and a Moldavian bakery. Keep up the fabulous job that you are doing.

    Monica (

  • Anonymous

    Because I’m living in this city, because of your great pictures and great tips!

  • Laura

    Pentru ca sunteti insta-fabuloase si “enervant” de good-looking chiar si in poze nefiltrate, in capturi facute cu telefonul, fara echipament profesionist si lumina perfecta. Si asta ne convinge ca sunteti reale si ca e mai mult decat o imagine existenta voastra palpabila, fabuloasa pana in cel mai mic detaliu!

    Laura (

  • Božica

    My favourite post was While in New York… ( Why? Well, without futher explanations, I just love NY! Even though I have never been there, through your post I could feel all the energy and all the beauty od Big Apple! And I could just imagine myself being there, in the middle of chaos called Fashion Week <3 And also, your style is immpecable – it’s so simple (so any of us, your readers, can easily copy it) but it is so chic as always! Love your blog :))

  • Anonymous

    I like “La Dolce vita” because you are two beautiful flowers dressed in flowers,

  • Minea Cristina

    Postarea mea preferata, de fapt una din preferatele mele, a fost aceasta:
    Aceasta va defineste in totalitate!
    O eleganta demna de cuvantul “couture”, aveti o puritate aparte si ati reusit sa va creati un renume pe masura marrilor fashion icon-uri internationali!

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