Red Perfection

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Bold! Red! Strong! Powerful! Resistant! These are the best ingredients for the perfect lipstick! Why red?? Because it’s sexy, glamorous, feminine and looks amazing on every woman lips. Put a red lipstick and a pair of stilettos and you can rule the world! These are not only words this is just the bunch of experience we have which is speaking! And for the perfect lipstick you need the perfect dress, right?!

“Collection Exclusive Pure Reds by L’Oreal Paris”

You won’t conquer the world in a pair of jeans, right?!

So listen here. If you buy any L’oreal Paris product from any store or from till 10th of December you can win this fabulous dress that we are talking about (and also many sets of lipstick and nailpolish).

Enter HERE and read more about the promotion.

Good luck and be sexy!

*And when you don’t have the proper dress wear a princess headband and just be precious and cool. Fool around a little bit! It won’t hurt your self esteem at all, believe us!



Foto: Eduard Mariut
Outfits: H&M
Location: Wild & Olive 


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