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SUBLIMAGE… The ultimate and most precious skincare by CHANEL, a bestseller that concentrates all the values of excellence of the House and years of research on skin and natural active ingredients. SUBLIMAGE… A magical name that conveys nothing less than luxury and the finest performance. This dream cream’s powers are recognized by women all over the world.

1. SUBLIMAGE L’Essence reactivates the natural toxin elimination process. Skin can finally regenerate itself, defend itself better and gain new radiance. Purified, revitalized and revived, it fully benefits from the active ingredients it receives.
2. SUBLIMAGE L’Essence goes well beyond simple purification. It helps restore skin’s original texture and
radiance. At the heart of its formula, two precious natural active ingredients complement each other:
two time-defying plants infused with light.
• The Golden Flower of the Himalayas, a cellular detoxification treasure at the heart of the epidermis.
• The “Light Plant” or harungana, the power of detoxification on the skin surface.
3. A subtle fragrance, an evanescent texture, a finely designed case…  L’Essence boasts all of
the codes of perfection for which CHANEL is known.


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