Unexpected Gift

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Yes, we are counting down the days till Christmas, doing wish lists and dream about the perfect present. Sometimes too much dreaming hurts, so we like to be more pragmatic and practical, so we will let you choose your future gift. It’s super easy and fun and believe us, you will find something you’d be mad for, for a long time. Along with QuickMobile we set-up a CONTEST. (yes, another one, because we want you to be happy, darlings in this month of joy and kindness)

And of course you are super curious right now!

So long story short we invite you to visit www.QuickMobile.ro and choose 1 or more than 1 product (the value of the prize is 500 lei) and post the link of the products in a comment among your e-mail address. 

So pick wisely!You also have to share with your friends this contest, so don’t forget to post it on your FB & INSTAGRAM with #WinFabulousMusesQuickMobile hashtag.

We’ll choose the winners randomly on 24th December and we’ll publish their names at the end of this post
(you will receive the products you have selected).

So good luck sugar cubes and have fun browsing for your future gifts on QuickMobile.



THE WINNER IS Silvia Cimpeanu


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