A dinner with a view

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Being in Florence was a dream came true. After 1 year from our first visit, we have been invited to Firenze4Ever Party and a fabulous dinner with Tia Maria. There’s nothing like a three days vacation in one of our favorite cities in the world. 2015 couldn’t have started better. And because there is always something fantastic to experience, this time our schedule was filled with less touristic activities.

It all started with #luisaviaroma party, Pitti Uomo (where we met some old friends from Italy and Romania), some really short breaks of coffee and some shopping of course and continued with a dinner with a view by Tia Maria, just across the Duomo. The view over the Duomo from the terrace of this breathtaking Palazzo Gondi  was not enough at all, but the gorgeous people we met at the event made us forget about it and we enjoyed the night in the most natural way ever, as if this palace would still be ours at the end of the night.
Oh God, we are still dreaming of a breakfast on that rooftop, but till the next visit we will continue to feed our souls with memories of that lovely night. 
We have also attached some photos from our instagram accounts for those who didn’t have enough time to catch up with our Tia Maria Experience.


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