Morning Stroll

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Whoever said that shoe love is true love was totally right. If we are talking about shoes and choosing wisely the right pair for our style it is first of all a matter of style and then a matter of comfort. We’ve always been fascinated by sandals and no matter what happened, and here we talk even about weather phenomena as snow, rain or ice, we always followed the little voice in our heads that constantly whispered: Wear them at all costs. We never abandoned our beloved (of course we exaggerate a little bit)  till we found these two black comfy beauties that make you look effortlessly cool. So as you can see these boots from SIV Milano were more than perfect for a sunny morning and a stroll  through the aisles of the market.

And since we found these flawless ankle boots, we thought it is a good idea to share with you some spring-summer shoes we fell in love at first sight. You can see more about SIV Milano on their Facebook page.

Foto: Mike Quyen
Wearing: SIV Milano Boots / Alina: Kristina Dragomir Hat, Stella Mccartney Jeans, Stefanel Camel Coat, Moschino Belt / Diana: Eugenia Enciu Coat


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