10 things we learned from our boyfriends

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10 things we learned from our boyfriends

1. No matter how many Agent Provocateur items I’d wear, it’s always better without them. To quote him: ‘It’s a pointless acquisition and the better part is always beneath them’

#goodnight sugar cubes. See you tomorrow in #cluj

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2. There is no Barbie-Woman fascination. French natural beauty is always better than a disfigured or overtrained body.

It’s good to be home!!!

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3. Family and personal life first. Work second. Or let’s just be a team & work together.

Back home where #love is

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4. Shut my big mouth when the PMS is overwhelming me. Drama with no reason is not accepted. Treat the PMS with a Ferrero Rocher box of chocolate. It makes wonders.

Wake up ladies, drink your coffee and come @ AbFabFASHIONfair ( Str. Icoanei 2.)

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5. Love with no limits. Love it’s not always about being hurt at some point and being precautious. Love is about faith and trust. Not about paranoia.

This is how my night ends! Happy birthday, @alinchitu !! #cake

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6. Don’t buy expensive cars. Police will stop you every time to check your papers and you cannot cry and complain about money problems.

La Dolce Vita today on www.fabulousmuses.net with @dolcegabbana Foto @qmike

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7. Not to complain. There is always a solution… Even if it involves going to the gym! ( taugh though )

Start morning with coffee!!!! And some pink balloons!!!!

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8. We are the most beautiful girls in the world no matter what. Very good for self-esteem.

Another #morning in #london <3

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9. To love tennis, road trips and concerts.

10. That we can trust men, but still check their phones when they are not around. Because they do the same!

Another #morning in #london <3

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  • Ann Robie

    Oh, yeah! #1 & #8 🙂

    Ann | http://annrobiefashion.com/

  • Desirèe D'Aloia
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    5 and 10 dont make sense. Stop brain washing women.

    • Diana Enciu

      darling, it’s just sharing in a fun way our experiences. don’t take it too seriously 😉

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