Have fun being a snob

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the double inclination to ape one’s superiors, often through vulgar ostentation, and to be proud and insolent with one’s inferiors. Also called snobbery. — snob, n. — snobby, snobbish, adj.

Sometimes you just wanna have fun, right?! And when you are too bored and the people around you cannot simply animate you while being part of a big, fancy event, you have only one choice. To grin and bear!

We’ve been reading a lot about a pretty popular trend among people: snobbism. And since we became quickly fascinated by this phenomenon, we said that it’s time to excercise this way of being. Back to the boring situation in which you might find yourself sometimes, a party is always the moment to start writing the snobbism chapter. We promise you it’s gonna be fun & you’re gonna have a story to tell after.

Simple steps:

• Have a sense of style! Wear a statement dress even if the dress code says cocktail
• Drink the most expensive champagne and ask for strawberries or caviar. Make a scene if they tell you they don’t have it

• Choose your company very carefully. Choose people you wish to emulate and people who inspire you in your ‘process’.

• Don’t laugh, just smile like you are better than all the rest.
• If someone starts a conversation don’t forget to mention Proust…The Search is the best novel in the world  (In search of Lost time, of course)

• Basically just act like you’re royalty.

*** this is just an exercise of making some of your dull moments fun.


Locatia: Hotel Capitol

Drinking: Scavi&Ray Prosecco

Make-up: Perfection Lumiere Velvet – Chanel, Glow Maximizer Primer – Dior, Touche Eclat – Yves Saint Laurent, Outrageous Curl Mascara – Sephora, Dior Addict It-Line, Rouge Allure Gloss 18 – Chanel


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