10 things I learned from my mother

When we were two rebellious teenage girls we used to listen to our mothers, but never actually understood their advices. Now after so many years all we can say is ‘Thank you, Mum!’ We wouldn’t be what we are today without you, without your continuous support and love. And today on the 1st day of spring we wanna share with you, our beloved readers, the best 10 things we learned from our mothers:

1. Be my own boss and be the only one who is responsible for my success. Build my own way with no compromises.

2. Love my body and soul. Feed it with positive energy and always find time for myself and for at least a short meditation break.

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3. That family and health are the most important things in the world.


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4. Parents can be more than parents! They can become the most trustful people in my life and the engine of my confidence and success.

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5. Never leave the house without make up and a proper dress. ”You never know when you could meet Prince Charming”. Yes, mom, I met HIM when I was wearing the most incredible jumpsuit in the world & a hot red lipstick!

You up yet? Me not! I love my lazy Saturdays and my @sofiaman.homewear pijamas. Big hugs from my fluffy bed!

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6. Trust myself and be strong no matter what. Life is a battlefield!

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7. If I have a bad feeling about someone, RUN. Stay away. Intuition is GOD!

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8. Save money. Buy your favorite items on sale! Be smart.

9. Barbie isn’t a real woman! She is not the model of a perfect woman. Brain can make a man fall in love with you! (But we all know that Barbie’s body works better hahaha)

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10. She told me about fear…One day I’ll have a child who will do the same things I did to her…That’s scary! I’m sorry mother! I should’ve been more careful with your feelings. Now I understand all your fears.

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