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fabulousmuses_dianaenciu_alinatanasa (4)We love to test and try  new things and when it comes to gadgets we love it even more. It’s all about technology these days and if you are not up to date you are not fashionable&cool. So the future is now and has a name: Samsung Galaxy S6. We know the product since September 2014 when we were invited to a Samsung event during Fashion Week in New York to see a preview of this piece of jewelry.

fabulousmuses_dianaenciu_alinatanasa (3)fabulousmuses_dianaenciu_alinatanasa (5)
And since then we were pretty amazed by this phone and most of all by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Not because it’s better, but it’s different and unique and we love this about the products that we use.

fabulous muses_diana enciu_alina tanasa_samsung (6)
These days we had the opportunity to test the phones and see how fabulous they are. We won’t tell you about the technique details, but we will tell you what we like about this phone.

– it’s really light and thin – it comes in 5 colors  so you can choose your favorite one ( Emerald Green and Blue Topaz are our favorites)
– it takes photos better than any phone that we tried before and this is super very important for us as we use our phones all the time including holidays and fashion trips
– the camera for selfies is super good and the image is hi res ( very good quality) 5 MP

This is all we are telling you for now, but we think that the photos prove the wow factor of the phone better than words.

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Dresses: DRESSBOX.RO  Jewelry: Galateca
Location: GalatecaMake-up: Roxana Minea
Hair: Petronela PruteanuConcept&Production: Absolutely Fabulous

*There are three animations (cinemagraphs) in this post, so if they aren’t moving in motion just wait for them to load or refresh your page once or twice.



Published by Diana Enciu
  • Lucy Van Dean

    Looking gorgeous in the pictures! I’m more of an Appel girl but love the effects you used in these pictures.
    Kisses, Lucy

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