allison-williams-met-gala-2015-best dressed met gala 2015-girl movieMet Gala is surprising us every single time. It’s a roulette and the celebrities do their best to be sure they’ll be published as much as possible. Some keep their style intact and some tend to make a circus from this event, but either way, it’s a pleasure to watch them ‘parade’. Our favorites are Sienna Miller, Allison Williamson, Miley Cyrus, Helen Millen and Chiara Ferragni, but we also say YES to the following celebrities.sienna miller met gala 2015_best dressed met gala 2015_red suit sienna millerjoan-smalls-met-gala-2015_best dressed met gala 2015_fabulous m uses_lace dresskeri russel feather dress_best dressed met gala 2015_keri russel met gala dressmiley-cyrus-met-gala-2015-best-dressed_best dressed met gala 2015_fabulous museshelen-mirren-met-gala-2015-best-dressed_ best dressed met gala 2015_fabulous muses_red lace dressanne hathaway met gala 2015 dress_best dressed met gala 2015_golden dressGTY 472163644 E ACE ENT FAS USA NYalexa chung best dressed met gala 2015_alexa chung pink dress_met gala 2015 dressRosie Huntington Whiteley_met gala 2015_best dressed met gala 2015_fabulous museschiara ferragni met gala 2015_calvin klein dress_best dressed met gala 2015
And we say NO to Rihanna’s yellow dress by Guo Pei, Kim Kardashian’s white dress and Beyonce’s choice which revealed too much this time in our opinion. Maybe these ladies and their stylists will shock us next time with some sense of style.

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-met gala 2015_best dressed met gala 2015_white dress kim kardashianrihanna dress met-gala-2015_best dressed met gala 2015best dressed met gala 2015_beyonce met gala 2015 lace dress




  • ana

    Miley Cyrus among your favourites? You gotta be kidding, she looked horrible, that dress made her body look like a stick…Many of the stars attending made a fool out of themselves, Beyonce for example, others just didn’t respect the gala theme, and Rihanna just looked fabulous!
    At the end tough my best dressed was Fan Bing Bing, she knows fashion and she’s gorgeous!


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