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cinegraph1_resized2Fashion is about clothes and style of course,  but no outfit is complete without the proper accessories. So when we discovered Samsung S6 and its shape and colors we knew it’s the perfect accessory for this summer. Green Emerald and Blue Topaz are exactly what you need for your outfits and they match the  beachwear too. Right? No more boring Phones! 2fabulous muses_diana enciu_alinatanasa_sansung s6_absolutely fabulous (2)samsung s6_fabulousmuses_alinatanasa_dianaenciu_blog moda (1)
The high profile appearances of Samsung ‘s S6 have put the phones at the forefront of the fashion world, attracting attention from leading fashion media and influencers. A lot of people in the fashion industry got the device. They not only praised the beauty of the exterior design, with its dual curved edges, but also the user experience and other upgraded features such as the advanced camera functions.

But the most important thing is the glass of this gadget, Gorilla Glass 4, the most resistant on the market. It does more than being strong and ready to knock out shocks, but it makes Samsung S6 one of the most fashionable and desirable phones ever, because it acts as a mirror too. And we all love mirrors. Not only to admire your pretty face but also to get ready for the perfect selfie.

This super stylish smartphone, is a MUST HAVE for sure. And you’ll fall in love instantly with it believe us when you will recharge it wireless. What could you want more? For us this was the BIG HIT! We hate wires! 

So what now?! Pick your favorite model and start this summer in style and never let it go because everyone will envy you for this piece of jewelry.

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Dresses: DRESSBOX.RO  Jewelry: Galateca
Location: GalatecaMake-up: Roxana Minea
Hair: Petronela PruteanuConcept&Production: Absolutely Fabulous

*There are three animations (cinemagraphs) in this post, so if they aren’t moving in motion just wait for them to load or refresh your page once or twice.




Published by Diana Enciu
  • Maria

    You have the perfect accesories. Also your picters are great. Good luck!

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