Pilates Reformer Addiction

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pilates-reformer-bucuresti-pilates-attitude-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasaYes, we have a thing for #PilatesReformer and all thanks to a wonderful team that made us fall in love with sports. As we told you before it is hard to convince us to sacrifice one hour of work for one hour spent in the gym doing what’s best for our body and mind. We knew the theory pretty well, we knew it’s the most important thing to offer your body its own time and attention, but it was always almost impossible to determine ourselves doing the right thing. The habits changed after our class at Attitude Pilates Studio. Why? Because after a long time there was no space for thoughts, problems or plans, just a full hour for each centimeter of our bodies. Today we introduce you round 2 of exercises and we hope you will take the right decision and at least visit this location which made magic with our lives.pilates-reformer-bucuresti-pilates-attitude-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasaDRAW A SWORD

Take hold of the strap with the hand that is farthest from it. Begin the exercise with the hand holding the strap in front of the opposite hip bone. Place the other hand on the hip with the elbow out to  the side.

Inhale : Pull the strap across the body and extend the arm out to the side. Imagine you are drawing a sword out of a scabbard.
Exhale : Return to the starting position by bending the elbow and reaching the hand holding the strap back to the opposite hip.

Strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles including the brachialis , biceps, triceps, pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, rotator cuff aand deltoid.
Strengthen the scapular stabilizers including the serratus anterior, trapezius and rhomboids.
Increase torso stabilization.
Improve standing posture.

pilates-reformer-bucuresti-pilates-attitude-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasaLONG STRECTH

With the legs together ,place the balls of the feet  on the footbar padding with the heels lifted. Place the hands shoulder with apart  in the channel between the headrest and the carriage. Engage the abdominals , connect the inner things and squeeze the buttocks to bring the body into one long line from the top of the head to the heels.

Inhale and draw the shoulders down to bring the body forward over the footbar.
Exhale to return.

Strengthen the torso including the abdominals, erector spinae,gluteus maximus, adductors and shoulder girdle.
Strengthen scapular stabilizers including serratus anterior, lower trapezius and pectoralis major.
Increase scapular stability.


Place one foot against the shoulder rest with the ball of the foot on the carriage and the heel on the shoulder rest ( as if in high heels ). Extend the free leg toward the ceiling behind you. The extended leg is in external rotation. The carriage is in contact with the bumpers.

Inhale : Press the carriage back and lower the free leg until the legs come together.
Exhale : Engage the abdominals and pull the carriage in as the free leg reaches back up toward the ceiling.

Strengthen the abdominals.
Strengthen the hip extensor including the hamstrings, gluteus maximus and external  rotators.
Strengthen the scapular stabilizers.
Increase hamstring and calf flexibility.

pilates-reformer-bucuresti-pilates-attitude-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa-sfaturi-pilatesKNEELING ARM CIRCLES
Use a lighter weight for the Kneeling Arm Cicles

Kneel on the carriage facing the footbar with the feet between the shoulders rests. Hold the straps with hands at the hips and the palms facing forward.

Inhale Pull the straps forward with the elbows straght
Exhale Circle de arms out to the side and around to the starting position. Can be done in both direction

Strengthen the posterior shoulder muscles including the posteriordeltoid, teres major, latissimus dorsi and triceps.
Strengthen the anterior shoulder muscles including the anterior deltoid, pectoralis major, rotator cuff and latissimus dorsi.
Increase torso stabilization.
Increase neck mobility
pilates-reformer-bucuresti-pilates-attitude-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa-sfaturi-pilatesSLIDE APART, FACING FOOTBAR

Step on the standing platform first, then place the heel on the platform and the opposite leg on the sholder support. Keep your arms on the footbar at the same level with your shoulders.

Inhale as slide apart and press the carriage out.
Exhale to bring the carriage in without banging into the stopper
Improve balance
Stretch anterior hip including psoas, iliacus, rectus femoris and Sartorius.
Strenghthen the torso including the abdominals, erector spinae and gluteus
pilates-reformer-bucuresti-pilates-attitude-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa-sfaturi-pilates pilates-reformer-bucuresti-pilates-attitude-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa-sfaturi-pilates

Visuals: Tibi Vintur
Location: Attitude Pilates Studio


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