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4Fabulous-Muses-smart-for-four-summer-well-fabuloasele-dianaenciu-alinatanasaWhich is the best way to get to a music festival? A fancy car and a personal driver, right? This would happen only in your dreams of course. But back to real life you only need a friend with driver license who suddenly decided not to drink drink alcohol over the weekend and a smart, cool and easy to drive car. So we took our boyfriends [or shall we call them husband and future husband] in a blue smart forfour and we left the city for Summer Well Festival.  
5Fabulous-Muses-smart-for-four-summer-well-fabuloasele-dianaenciu-alinatanasa 7Fabulous-Muses-smart-for-four-summer-well-fabuloasele-dianaenciu-alinatanasa1Fabulous-Muses-smart-for-four-summer-well-fabuloasele-dianaenciu-alinatanasa 3Fabulous-Muses-smart-for-four-summer-well-fabuloasele-dianaenciu-alinatanasa8Fabulous-Muses-smart-for-four-summer-well-fabuloasele-dianaenciu-alinatanasaWhen people think of smart, we believe that they think of the diminutive fortwo two-seater. What they don’t think of is a four-door – which was really helpful for us during the two days of festival. It took us everywhere we wanted. What we like about this car beside the fact that it is obviously a good looking sibling of the new generation fortwo, is that it looks lovable and cute, just perfect for a girl. It’s a catch if you wanna use it in the city, because it is small and it fits any parking place and it also turned out to be a mini-miracle that would cruise quite happily at speeds on highways.

So yes, this is a statement car with a quirky/stylish details which you can find it in 40 paint colours, just to make your wish come true [we know you have a favourite color, so you will find it for sure] and you can customize the interior as you want, just to feel comfortable enough to drive it everywhere. Don’t be afraid to choose it if you are a business woman or a hippie girl, it fits any personality and style.

Foto: Alex Matei


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Laura ter Veer

    I was wondering where you got the pink bag with the star on the front?
    Really love it!

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