Fabulous Dinner

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If it’s #goldenhour it must be sunset. And what’s a beautiful sunset without the right people by your side! Strongbow decided to celebrate the last summer sunsets above the city and brought together some of the coolest people in Bucharest. All together for a dinner on the rooftop!

Old friends and new acquaintances spent the golden hours in laughters and good disposition – one of the most important ingredients for happiness, right? . Why? Because it’s the only way to getting along with people and when you share with them a tasty, fresh and icy glass of Strongbow apple cider everything seems possible. Dreams seem to come true and friendships become stronger than they ever were.

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Enjoy the photos and enjoy your favorite Strongbow wherever you are!

Special thanks to Strongbow for making this possible and many thanks to Amalia Eneche, Lil Bulgac, Mihaela Glavan, Andrei Rusu, Andreea Vasile, Rodica Lazar, Stefan Cosma, Blogu’ lu Otrava, Hypno, Tom Wilson, Robert Ratiu, Adrian Oianu, Rovena Andrei, Cosmin Gogu, Vali Barbulescu, Delia Tudose, Dan Stoicovici, Diana Tofan, Dragos George, Claudiu Serban, Dragos Varsadean, Claudia Agafitei, Matei Popescu  for making part of it.

Photo: Cristian Vasile (IGU)


Published by Alina Tanasa
  • Teodora

    I love Diana’s leather skirt! Can you please tell me what brand it it?

    • Alina Tanasa

      H&M Studio :*

      • Teodora

        Thank youuuuuu! :*

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