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Fashion Bloggers S2Following on from the runway success of the first original series, Fashion Bloggers is  back on trend, returning for  a second season on Saturday,  September 12 at 21:00, on E! Fashion Bloggers follows the fast-paced lives  of  Australia’s  top independent  bloggers of  fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Fashion Bloggers are: Amanda Shadforth/Oracle Fox, Kate Waterhouse/, Nadia Fairfax/Fairfax Journal, Sara Donaldson/Harper &Harley, Zanita Whittington/ (Read below Zanita’s interview for FabulousMuses)
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Zanita Whittington /

1. You are a blogger and a photographer…Which side do you like best?
I love being a Photographer because it allows me to be creative. It is nicer to not be self focused.
2. What do you think about the number of bloggers worldwide?  Where do you think that this is going?
While the numbers of bloggers are growing, those producing the best quality work will always rise to the top. I welcome the competition.
3. When you started what were your expectations?  And now?
When starting it was just a hobby, and now it is a complete parallel where it is a real business and we have employees.
4. How do you see bloggers in 10 years?  People will follow the new ones or the old ones? 
It is the same as now – the bloggers producing the high quality content will be the ones rising to the top in the future, regardless if there is the “old” bloggers or the new.
5. Is age a problem when you have a fashion blog?
The age is not a problem, it should be the focus on what you produce.
6. How is to be in the TV show Fashion Bloggers?  It is hard?  Are you ever nervous?
I feel like being a part of Fashion Bloggers, and being in front of the camera, came quite naturally to me. It has been a fun experience to work with the team.
7. To be a successful blogger, is it always about style, or also about money and luck? 
Money and luck has nothing to do with it. It is about perseverance, and learning from your mistakes.
8. Are you willing to help small bloggers in need if you like their product?
Yes, I like to think I am really supportive to upcoming blogger, that is one reason we have up and coming bloggers as contributors to
9. What blogs do you read?
Sania Claus Demina, Parkand Cube, raspberrynrouge and more!
10. Who do you think is the most influential blogger at the moment is…?
It is so hard to choose, but someone like Nicole Warne is super influential and a role model for a lot of bloggers.

Throughout season 2, the bloggers cover backstage at Sydney Fashion Week, interviewing Australia’s biggest  designers  as  well  as  schmoozing  and  shooting  with  the  biggest  names  in  fashion including Nicole Richie, Derek Blasberg, Aerin Lauder, Toni Maticevski, Dion Lee, Samantha Wills,and Kristin Cavallari. The girls find themselves transported to wanderlust locations; Bedarra Island, Thredbo and Dubai.

Surrounded by a boundless playground of vogue styles and chic trends, E! follows these always on-the-go trendsetters as they style, shoot and post customised editorials through their countless socialmedia outlets.


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