Sri Lanka Summer Holiday

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We choose Sri Lanka for our summer holiday cause we wanted an adventure, a new experience and I was desperate to put my feet in Asia for the first time. I am sure that if we would have go by winter it would have been even nicer because during summer the ocean is very furious and you can not swim in it.  So what you can to do in Sri Lanka beside Instagram and Facebook (because you can’t help yourself doing it ). Here is a short list:

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1. Explore Colombo. We stayed at Kingsbury Hotel but we recommend Mount Lavinia if you wanna have a fabulous ocean view and the best sea restaurant in town. Take a tuk-tuk and ask the driver to show you around. You will see Budist temples and Hindu temples, poor areas and very nice areas like the one where the Romanian embassy is located.   It’s not the best city in the world but for sure has things to offer. Explore!

2. Go to Pinawalla Elephant Orphanage. If you are for the first time in Sri Lanka you have to visit the elephants. It’s an amazing experience and you will have a nice time for sure. Don’t eat there cause the restaurants are expensive and the food is bad.

3. Go to Kandy, the old capital and see the Tooth Temple. Take the train if you wanna enjoy the ride. Enjoy the lake view and drink Coconut water. It’s amazing. If you can go to the tee plantation don’t hesitate. You will love it.

4. Visit Galle. I really loved the city. It’s very nice and the Light House area is  beautiful. Take a tuk-tuk and visit the new and the old city. You will see the influence of the Europeans as the city was first under the  Portuguese then under the Dutch during their colonial period.

5. For beach you can choose Bentota, Hikkaduwa or Mirissa. The ocean is beautiful anyway so what I think is that you have to choose the hotel that suits your needs. And after you can explore the coast and enjoy it’s beauty.

6. Don’t leave Sri Lanka without seeing the turtles, a trip on Madu River, eating all the fruits possible (I totally love their pineapple that is amazing and totally different from the one that we eat in Romania). If you have time go to a Safari (it might be an amazing experience if you are lucky)

7. There are even more great places there but you’ll need time .. so at least 14 days for a full tour.

And because Intel asked me if I needed technology during my summer holiday I have to admit in the end that YES. My smartphone was with me all the time and also my laptop. Romanians (including me as you can see ) confirm their addiction to technology during summer season, no matter they are on vacation by the seaside, at the mountains or in a crowded city. The ideal holiday is that when you are connected on internet. Why? Because we are all addicted to selfies, social media, searching for restaurants, hotels, nice places to visit and shopping.

According to a national study organized by Intel, 95%  have been connected with technology this summer, no matter they traveled in the country or abroad. Over 70% used technology more than 2 hours on internet and 17% stayed connected all the time during their summer holiday.

The study has been organized on during 12 August – 2 September 2015, on 10.610 persons.

I am one of them for sure.. YOU?

Infografic - Romanii si tehnologia in vacanta de vara 2015-2 Infografic - Romanii si tehnologia in vacanta de vara 2015


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