Benefits of a beautiful smile

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2dentestet-fabulous muses-paris fashion week-fabulous smileWho said that clothes make the man – never discovered the power of a beautiful smile. The smile is telling your story, is speaking about you every single day and it helps you conquer the world. These are not just big words, but the truth itself! We all tend to forget that a relaxed and confident smile plays a big role in personal expression and changes the way you interact with everyone you meet. It helps us everyday, when we have a campaign photoshoot, when we go to fashion weeks or when we have meetings all over the world. Few months ago when we met DENT ESTET team we understood all these things and we decided to pay a little more attention to our teeth.
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We know time is not our best friend and it is hard NOT to skip our appointments, but it worths it! If you are not lucky enough to just do the easy treatments and whitening process, specialist have solution and they are called: Dental Veneers, Digital Smile Design and Invisible Dental Braces.

Porcelain Dental Veneers are the Hollywood celebrity favorites. If you want a sparkling smile, this is the ideal solution. They recreate the natural look and they fit over your own teeth, hiding all imperfections and giving your mouth a light face lift. What is impressive is that you can receive a preview of the whole ‘project’.

Digital Smile Design is a customized process that simulates the outcome of the treatment, allowing us, dentists and technicians to visualize the procedure before the first treatment session. This means that you can approve every modification your dentist proposes you to do.

And this, if you ask us, is one of the best things ever, because we believe that the most important thing is to keep your image as natural as possible and not to exaggerate with the improvements. That’s why we also recommend you, if needed, to use the invisible braces. Yes, we know, it’s a tough decision to accept wearing braces, but thank god now they are not that demonstrative. And…get ready to see us wearing them in 2016, because it seems that we both needed in order to have the perfect smile. (Don’t worry! We’ll let you know when the big event will happen!:) )

All in all, what we are trying to say is that you should never postpone your annual dental appointments, because you need a happy-healthy smile to reflect your inner self. This little detail has big effects on our everyday life, so this is the main reason we advice you to take the right decision if you cannot leave one more day with teeth that don’t really represent you and your lifestyle.

And because we want you to take this big step and start taking care of your smile, we offer you an 800lei voucher @ DENT ESTET

All you have to do is to tell us in English or Romanian ( in a comment)  what your smile needs to be perfect! Good luck

Foto: Tibi Vintur

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Fab smiles by  DENT ESTET


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Published by Diana Enciu
  • Oana

    Imi doresc zambetul perfect pe care mi l-am dorit cand am decis sa imi pun aparat dentar la 23 de ani. Din pacate nu a iesit exact ce vroiam si inca oftez dupa zambetul perfect. Asa ca poate acum e momentul sa imi fac din nou curaj si sa lucrez la zambet 😀

  • Anita Panait

    To be perfect, my smile has to come from my heart. And it has to be clear white.

  • Anda

    Zambetul meu e perfect daca prin reusesc sa starnesc alte zambete. ?

    • Anda


  • Lux

    Multe ii trebuie zambetului meu pentru a fi perfect. Am avut intotdeauna grija de el, dar de acasa, asa ca e momentul sa apelez la un profesionist, pentru a ma simti si mai bine.

    Mi se pare ca la noi, ca popor, vizitele la dentist sunt mereu lasate pe ultimul loc, iar oamenii sunt sceptici in a zambi si a rade cu gura pana la urechi. Asta clar trebuie remediat, motiv pentru care ma bucura teribil campania aceasta. Chiar daca o singura persoana va avea curajul sa zambeasca fara a isi pune mana la gura, the world will already be a better place.

    Congrats and keep on smiling!

  • Andreea

    Zâmbetul larg, o stare de bine, entuziasm, fericire, bucurie, putere, libertate.This voucher can bay my smile!!!?

  • Petrisor Oana

    I agree that an attractive smile is an important social asset. If I smile at people, it will encourage them to smile at me in return. There is strong evidence that attractive smiles enhance peoples, self-esteem, their business opportunities, and their social interactions. A smile — simple, straightforward, and most important, sincere, can attract more than admiring looks. A smiling face tells people that you’re an outgoing and intelligent person worth getting to know.
    We should smile all day long!

  • Andra

    Mi se derulează in minte tot felul de momente in care am zâmbit: revederea-surpriza a mamei, după o lunga așteptare, panoul cu vise de care îmi ciocnesc privirea in fiecare dimineata, iubirea LUI așternută pe un biletel cu scris stângaci, prima promovare de la job, micuta Maria pipăind pentru intaia oară pianul, cina in familie cu toti cei dragi lângă mine. Mi-ar fi plăcut sa existe o modalitate prin care sa imi pot imortaliza fiecare zâmbet pe care l-am trăit. Sa nu uit de niciunul si astfel sa le ofer mai departe. Nu doar celor dragi sufletului meu ci si celor care poate încă nu au descoperit puterea unui zâmbet.
    P.S. Si acum Zâmbesc 🙂


  • Anca

    Zambetul meu are nevoie de multumire sufleteasca …si evident de o urgenta vizita la stomatolog pe care o tot aman din lipsa de timp.

  • Lux

    Hello! A mai castigat cineva aici?

    • Alina Tanasa

      Anuntam castigatorul cat de curand!

  • Cristiana

    Controlul regulat la medicul dentist este esential pentru a ne mentine zambetul sanatos, probleme nedetectate in faza incipienta pe urma se dezvolta si strica frumusetea.

  • Cristiana

    Foarte bun articol, am fost si eu la acel cabinet, mi-a placut cum am fost tratata.

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