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1Giordani Gold Essenza-Parfum Oriflame-Fabulous Muses-Aqua-Diana Enciu-Alina TanasaEvery detail creates the full picture of a woman. Fragrances can be a very personal thing and it can easily make you feel like a queen, like a young  careless teenage girl or like a girlboss. Us, women, love to smell everything around – a good coffee, the skin of a boyfriend, the air on a sunny autumn day, everything has a smell and we wanna remember it. And as we want to have connections between memory and fragrances in order to keep our memories alive, we use perfume. A perfume that can be our escape, our strength, our serenity oasis, our energizer. These days we have learned about the untold secrets of Giordani Gold Essenza by ORIFLAME the fragrance created by the famous perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin. 5Giordani Gold Essenza-Parfum Oriflame-Fabulous Muses-Aqua-Diana Enciu-Alina Tanasa8Giordani Gold Essenza-Parfum Oriflame-Fabulous Muses-Aqua-Diana Enciu-Alina Tanasa10Giordani Gold Essenza-Parfum Oriflame-Fabulous Muses-Aqua-Diana Enciu-Alina Tanasa7Giordani Gold Essenza-Parfum Oriflame-Fabulous Muses-Aqua-Diana Enciu-Alina Tanasa4Giordani Gold Essenza-Parfum Oriflame-Fabulous Muses-Aqua-Diana Enciu-Alina Tanasa0Giordani Gold Essenza-Parfum Oriflame-Fabulous Muses-Aqua-Diana Enciu-Alina Tanasa9Giordani Gold Essenza-Parfum Oriflame-Fabulous Muses-Aqua-Diana Enciu-Alina Tanasa2Giordani Gold Essenza-Parfum Oriflame-Fabulous Muses-Aqua-Diana Enciu-Alina Tanasa

The orange blossom luxury essenza note strikes a harmonious balance of Sicily citrus and woody musk notes, for a floral woody
scent as golden as sunlight. It is the ultimate indulgence for the woman who is passionate about the art o a beautiful living,
it stays longer on your magic skin in order to put a spell on every man around you and it has a unique note which won’t be found in any other fragrance in the world. It has the ability to make you feel you are desired, to connect you with memories,
to escape from your everyday life, to show individuality, to boost your positive thoughts and to stimulate all your senses.It is the perfect choice if you need your emotions to be amplified.

It only requires two sprays and it lasts from morning to evening when all you want is to leave a nice memory note of how fabulous you are on his pillow. And when he will ask you what’s this smell to show him the glam bottle with golden accent on your night table…so sexy!

What you really have to know is that Giordani Gold Essenza reapeared in the anniversary 16th catalogue and that you can order it starting today!

De ce ai nevoie ca sa iti definesti stilul de viata si sa creezi o amprenta personala? De multe detalii care puse la un loc vorbesc despre noi, despre alegerile noastre si despre viata noastra. Orice aroma ne trezeste amintiri, ca este cafeaua de dimineata, mirosul diminetilor reci de toamna sau pielea iubitului, fiecare are un parfum pe care ti-l aduci aminte cu drag. Dar cum iti tii amintirile vii si vibrante, cum iti potentezi personalitatea sau pur si simplu o stare? Cu un parfum bine ales. 

Zilele acestea am avut ocazia sa descoperim secretele nespuse si ascunse ale parfumui Giordani Gold Essenza by ORIFLAME, creat de cunoscutul parfumier Fabrice Pellegrin. Conceput in jurul unei note unice, exclusiviste, are un parfum premium floral-lemnos cu esenta de flori de portocal, care persista pe piele de dimineata, pana seara cand te asezi langa iubitul tau. 
Notele de flori de portocal exclusiv create pentru Oriflame te poarta pe taramuri insorite din Italia si fac din esenta de parfum un must wear. Accentele efervescente de bergamota calabriana, lamaie si mandarina, iasomie de sambac si migdale verzi si notele de ambra si mosc sunt ingredientele vedeta ale celui mai luxos parfum din gama Oriflame, Giordani Gold Essenza, care a reaparut in catalogul aniversar cu numarul 16 si pe care il poti comanda incepand de azi. Noua ne-a placut, speram ca si tie!

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: Aqua Restaurant
Outfits: Ermanno Scervino, Marc Jacobs & Mihaela Glavan Sandals, Escada Earrings, DajDarya ring
Make-up: Adriana Haloiu, Hairstyle: Petronela Pruteanu


Published by Diana Enciu
  • Oana

    Frumoase 🙂 Dar prea photoshopate picioarele si bratele Alinei:)

  • Desiree

    amazing as always, girls!


    Beautiful photos 🙂
    Maria V.

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