5 best gifts for him

christmas-gift-box-14109686029mBWhich is the most stressful part of the holiday? Finding the right gift for your MAN. Men can sometimes be hard to shop for, so this is basically a challenge for all of us. What to choose? What will he actually like to receive? Whether we talk about your husband, your father, your brother, your boss, your best friend from highschool or your son, this is the hardest of all. So we thought it would be a good idea to propose you a list of 5 best Christmas Gifts for Men, that probably have everything they dreamt of.05-gifts-for-men-cadouri-pentru-barbati-philips-shaver-cadouri-craciun1. They never read too much and they never have time to find the right book to read before they go to bed. Or at least this is their best excuse. But you can start this reading habit with an easy one that will look good on the coffee table even after he’s done reading it. We propose you to choose ‘Men in this town’  – from five distinct cities around the world — London, Tokyo, Sydney, Milan and New York — photographer Giuseppe Santamaria brings together a unique photographic collection showcasing the street styles of the modern man. Or you can try another one – ‘So you’ve been publicly shamed’ – a fantastic read with great humour.25-gifts-for-men-cadouri-pentru-barbati-philips-shaver-cadouri-craciun2. If you want to be sure you will kiss him over and over again this holidays, there’s only one way. Think of a gift that will make you both happy. You will enjoy his soft skin more and he’ll be more than thrilled to receive the coolest wet&dry electric shaver. It is called Philips SHAVER series 7000 and will give a soft touch for a smooth shave. And he will be so proud of your practical choice. You can even explain him some technical details, just to impress him more. Tell him that Philips SHAVER series 7000 adjusts easily to the curves of his face and shaves even the shortest stubble with its DualPrecision blades. We assure you that he’ll be so happy that he’ll even instragram it and share it on whatsapp with his friends.15-gifts-for-men-cadouri-pentru-barbati-philips-shaver-cadouri-craciun

3. He needs music in his life. To relax, to run faster, to work harder, to excuse himself from listening to your stories over and over again ( yes, he needs that, you have to admit it), to inspire him and to remember the good times. So if he is into music, a pair of headphones will make him happy. They sound good, they look cool and they feel pretty comfortable on his years.45-gifts-for-men-cadouri-pentru-barbati-philips-shaver-cadouri-craciun4. We never say no to shoes and men are the same as we are. Addicted to them. What about a pair of boots? Good for day and night, a two in one, they can look good with jeans or even with a fancy suit if you ascesorise it with a cashmere scarf.35-gifts-for-men-cadouri-pentru-barbati-philips-shaver-cadouri-craciun5. Sunglasses are cool, no matter what style you get. Whether it is summer or winter, he will need a new pair in his wardrobe. So do your best and pick the coolest pair of all.



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