A holiday with Michael Kors

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6michael-kors-watch-jewelry-collection-holiday-magazinele-bb-bijuterii-kors-fabulous-musesThe idea is simple – Just Light up the night and shine bright in gold! It isn’t hard to do it if you have the proper clothes and the most important, the right accesories. All these and some attitude will make them stare at you. We all are getting ready for holidays and parties and as we deserve to be pampered up, we thought to introduce you the new jewelry and watch Holiday Collection from Michael Kors. As you can see we tried them all and it was hard to decide on one piece only. They are more than pretty, aren’t they?7michael-kors-watch-jewelry-collection-holiday-magazinele-bb-bijuterii-kors-fabulous-muses 4michael-kors-watch-jewelry-collection-holiday-magazinele-bb-bijuterii-kors-fabulous-muses9michael-kors-watch-jewelry-collection-holiday-magazinele-bb-bijuterii-kors-fabulous-muses 5michael-kors-watch-jewelry-collection-holiday-magazinele-bb-bijuterii-kors-fabulous-muses 0michael-kors-watch-jewelry-collection-holiday-magazinele-bb-bijuterii-kors-fabulous-muses 2michael-kors-watch-jewelry-collection-holiday-magazinele-bb-bijuterii-kors-fabulous-muses 3michael-kors-watch-jewelry-collection-holiday-magazinele-bb-bijuterii-kors-fabulous-muses

This fancy collection that you can easily find in Splend’or, Be in time & B&B Collection stores sets the tone for a radiant holiday season with the introduction of three party-perfect trends: metal and mesh, sparkling necklaces and stackable bracelets and with a new assortment of watches designed with both celebration and gift-giving in mind.

You can wear them with shimmery dresses or jumpsuits, with suits and white shirts, but also with casual clothes and jeans. They fit any look you choose and they look good whether it’s day or evening. If you need a piece that can effortlessly complement any look, a glittering necklace, a stackable bracelet, a bangle or a shimmering watch are just perfect for Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve party, don’t you say? You can mix them all and get a timeless style in a second.

So which one is your favorite?

Our top 5 is:
1. Michael Kors Darci Watch
2. Michael Kors Cooper Watch
3. Michael Kors Brilliance Earrings
4. Michael Kors Brilliance Bracelet
5. Michael Kors Brilliance Necklace

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Location: Artmark
Make-up: Adriana Haloiu
Hair: Petronela Pruteanu
You can find the Michael Kors watches & jewelry online,
on bb-shop.ro and in Splend’or, Be in time & B&B Collection shops


Published by Diana Enciu

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