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2Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasaPut a [key] ring on it! Your bag needs a lifting asap! If you are not on a hunt for a new stylish bag accessory, you should be, because this season a trend was created to make a statement and you should follow it – Handbag Charms! It is the easiest way to add personality to you satchel, clutch or backpack. Use one, two, three or as many furry bag bugs you want and give life to your outfit. The bag charms dominated every fashionista’s outfit during fashion weeks and designers took the trend seriously. When Paisi Furs proposed us to try their new colorful bag bugs we said yes. Why? To show you how to wear this iconic item we fell in love with.0Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa 3Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa 4Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa8Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa9Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa10Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa11Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa5Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa6Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasa7Bag-charms-trends-paisi-furs-fabulous-muses-diana-enciu-alina-tanasaPaisi Bag Charms are versatile, inter-chargeable, multiple and easy to change depending on your mood, outfit color palette or outfit style. Hoocked onto your purse they are adorable and all you need to do is to have fun with them, feel creative and bold. From now on your outfits won’t be boring anymore!!!

And because you deserve to wear a trendy PAISI Bag Charm we have a CONTEST! You can WIN one bag bug if you send us a comment with the link of your favorite outfit from GOOD LUCK!

Foto:Tibi Vintur
Make-up: Roxana Minea
Hair: Petronela Pruteanu

First outfit:
Diana: Andrea Dress, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, Cos Coat, Salar Milano Bag , Paisi Bag Bugs 
Alina: Theory Shirt, HM coat, Zac Posen Bag (similar here), Paisi Bag Bugs

Second Outfit:
Diana: HM gold top, Zara skirt, Mihaela Glavan boots, Salar Milano bag, Paisi Bag Bugs heart and dog
Alina: Zara gold Jumpsuit, Native Youth sweater, Zara pumps with Heel Bopps, YSL bag, Paisi Bag Bugs red and blue 

Third outfit:
Diana: La Menta  techno fur coat, Mihaela Glavan boots, Gordana Dimitrijevic bag, Paisi Bag Bugs
Alina: La Menta techno fur coat, HM white jeans, Zara shoes, Les Petits Joueurs bag, Paisi Bag Bugs

Monica Moane & Cami Raijin 


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