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2sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teethYes, we smile all the time! But today, even if our nature is to laugh and be joyful and happy, we act as professionals. No smiles, just serious business! Why so serious? Because today we talk about our new discovery and we feel like real secret agents. For almost two weeks, more than 20 people were amazed by the diamond white smile we have, so we decided that this is the moment to tell you that we upgraded our beauty kit with a smart looking piece, the best accessory we ever had.  Call it magic stick, Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush or whatever you want, the important thing is to use it. We are not that addicted to lifestyle gadgets, but when we test something and we feel that it improves the quality of our life we immediately welcome them in our homes. 1sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teeth 9sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teeth 0sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teeth 6sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teeth 3sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teeth 7sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teeth 5sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teeth 4sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teeth 8sonicare_fabulous_muses_sonicare_philips_diamondclean_best toothbrush_white teeth
We already told you these days that this toothbrush is the perfect gift for you and your beloved, but you really need to know 5 most important things about this fabulous gadget that will upgrade your bathroom shelf.

1. There is only one button on the toothbrush and this allows you to cycle through five different modes:
• Clean: “Optimal plaque removal”
• White: “Removes surface stains”
• Polish: “Brighten and polish your teeth”
• Gum care: “Gently stimulates and massages gums.”
• Sensitive: “Extra gentle mode for sensitive teeth and gums.”

2. You have the most elegant charging clutch. It is the ideal toothbrush for a traveler, but not only of course. The battery lasts three weeks on a single charge. You can charge directly the travel case (it has an USB port and you can charge it from your laptop) or you can place the toothbrush in a contactless glass to recharge it. (This is like SF, but it’s real! )

3. It is proven to whiten your teeth in as little as one week and to remove up to 5x more plaque than a manual toothbrush, making it perfect for those who want to keep their perfect.

4. Sonicare DiamondClean switches off automatically after the two minutes of cleaning up – it will even give a notification every 30 seconds by pausing the vibration.

5. It’s easy to carry and it is super fancy. And you can share it with your partner. This is a thing to remember! It has two brush heads.

6. It’s the best toothbrush on the market! So if you like to have the best this is for you.

These been said…are you ready for a new experience?

Foto: Tibi Vintur
Make-up: Adriana Haloiu
Location: Roche Bobois


Published by Diana Enciu

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